Packing My Hospital Bag!

When I was pregnant with my daughter my hospital bag was packed at week 30 and it literally had every and any thing in it. I went through dozens of lists and picked items I just “knew I would need!” LOL. Literally 3/4 of it never left the bag!

Now with baby number two on the way and the experience of giving birth in a pandemic under my belt, I feel much more prepared and much less stressed. Coming into week 36, I’m just getting around to making my list and packing my bag. I would recommend packing around this time, because you never know when your baby will come! My daughter came two weeks early and although I’m scheduled for a C-Section this time, I could go into spontaneous labor whenever!

* ALL of these are just optional. You may want to add or remove things, but this is what I plan on putting in MY bags *

Essentials for you and your s/o

*Your s/o won’t need certain things such as pumping/nursing bras, so edit accordingly*
  • Travel sized toiletries
    • shampoo/conditioner
    • body wash
    • deodorant
    • face wash/wipes
    • toothbrush/toothpaste
    • hair ties
    • THIS is a super easy pre-made toiletry kit
    • Adult Diapersthe hospital provides mesh panties and pads, but I prefer these
  • Slippers/comfy socks 
    • Found these slippers for $8 and they look super comfy!
    • I have these hotel style slippers for our house guests to wear when they take their shoes off, so I’m just going to throw a pair for Dan and I in my bag!
  • Shower shoes
  • Clothes
    • Robe – For Rayna’s birth I got one from Posh Peanut which was sooo soft, this time around I ordered this adorable Gingham one!
    • Comfy PJs/Nightgown/Outfit – I ordered two of these labor/nursing gowns and wore these both days. They were great for my c-section because there was no band on my hips & it allowed me to breastfeed easily. 
    • Going home outfit – love this nursing dress
    • Nursing and pumping bra (if you plan on breastfeeding) or Sports bra
    • Sweater/Sweatshirt – hospitals get cold! 
    • Belly band for recovery – your dr should be able to get you one through insurance – esp if you have a csection!
    • Compression socks – no one tells you how swollen your feet get PP! ESP after a C-Section! 
  • Documents
    • I.D.
    • Insurance card
    • Birth Plan
  • Miscellaneous
    • MASKS!
    • Hand Sani
    • Lysol wipes
    • Phone charger
    • Snacks
    • Formula – hospital will provide this, but if you want a specific type, bring it
    • Placenta Encapsulation kit – if you’re doing it
    • Pillows/Blanket
    • Lanolin/Nipple cream (most hospitals will provide this)
    • Makeup (if you want – I didn’t end up putting any on last time)
    • CAMERA! (if you want something other than your iPhone)
    • Grocery bags to put dirty clothes in

Essentials for your baby

  • Clothes
    • Swaddle – SwaddleMe was my favorite for the newborn stage
    • Matching outfit to mom – if you want – I’ll have a swaddle for him that matches my robe, it’ll mainly just be for pictures since I will use the SwaddleMe for majority of the time
    • 2-3 onesies/outfits (you may want to bring in both sizes NB and 0-3m) – the hospital does provide these – I recommend these kimono onesies so they don’t irritate the umbilical cord.
    • 2-3 Socks –These are my favorite
  • Documents
    • Pediatrician Information
    • baby book or cardstock paper for baby footprints
  • Miscellaneous


Miscellaneous Tips

  • If you have an older child, have a gift for the older sibling from the younger one
  • If you have a pet, bring in a blanket or swaddle that the baby used in the hospital for the pet to get used to
  • Have a snack/thank you basket for the nurses or order them in some food (pizza is easy) while you’re there
  • Make sure your doctor, nurse, and yourself have a copy of your birth plan
  • TAKE ALL THE GOODS THEY OFFER YOU! YOUR INSURANCE IS PAYING FOR IT! Diapers, wipes, spit cloths, ice cup, peri bottle, EVERYTHING.

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