Wedding Skincare Routine!

One major question that always pops up in my Facebook wedding group is, “What is the best pre-wedding skincare routine?”

Skincare is such a personalized approach that it’s hard to say, especially not being an aesthetician, what is the best for each person. I can only share from my own personal experience and what worked for me! I also rounded up some of the best advice from the girls suggestions in the group! However, it is important to find yourself a REPUTABLE, good, aesthetician or dermatologist that you trust, to lead you in the right direction for your skin.

If you’re in South Florida that person is Rachel Loren and you can find her on insta @rl_aesthetics_

I was engaged for 15 months and got started on my skincare routine very shortly after getting engaged. Hindsights 20/20 and I wish I’d started taking care of my skin earlier in life, but that’s neither here nor there. Anywhoooo, I did my research and found a great aesthetician that I trust, who has now become a friend. We did a consultation and we came up with a game plan given the timeline we had to work with and the goals I had for my skin.

I’ve suffered from cystic acne since I was about 18 years old (skipped the bad skin during puberty thing, only for it to hit me my freshman year of college) and I have scars on my face from picking at them. However, I also know I’m not the gal to have a 25 minute morning and 25 minute night routine. I needed something simple, but effective.

My routine was as follows:

AM – Gentle wash with SkinMedica or PCA wash, SkinMedica Hylauronic Acid Serum, salicylic acid, CeraVe sunscreen/moisturizer

PM – Gentle wash with SkinMedica or PCA wash, SkinMedica or PCA nighttime moisturizer, 10 minute jade roll, SkinMedica Hylauronic Acid Serum, retinol treament

Every other day or every 2 days I do a more exfoliating scrub at night. 

I highly recommend SkinMedica and PCA! Most skincare products that you find at Sephora, Ulta, etc are fun and cute, but don’t offer the same effectiveness as aesthetician or dermatologist prescribed or sold products.

Monthly: Dermaplane, Chemical Peel, AND Microneedling

Majority of the products I used and still use:


Other keys to good skin:

Stay hydrated

Get good sleep

Change your pillowcases often

Keep face wipes in your car or bag to wipe your face on the go!


Eat healthy

Try to reduce stress



Brides in my group had these suggestions:



Laser Treatment Facials (Clear and Brilliant was recc multiple times)

SkinMedica and PCA were the top product reccommendation

Drunk Elephant and Skinceuticals two other popular brand reccs

PRP (microneedling with platelets aka the Vampire Facial)


Vitamin C Serums

I hope this helps! Please don’t forget though – it is always best to seek a professionals opinion in regards to anything with your health or body! I am in no way an aesthetician or dermatologist 🙂

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