Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

If there is once a year that I get truly excited for shopping, it’s the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Don’t get me wrong, I love shopping all the time, but a great sale really gets me excited. I get to snag so many awesome Fall pieces on sale that typically wouldn’t go on sale until at least next spring. Another favorite aspect of it is that I can preview the sale. If I’ve learned one thing from shopping it over the years, be prepared or you’ll lose out!

Tips for shopping the sale:

  1. Preview it early!
  2. Save the things you like to a wish list!
  3. If you plan on wanting to score some big ticket items, shop the day that you have access. For Nordstrom Influencers it’s 8/10, Nordstrom Insiders 8/13, & non-cardmembers can shop 8/19 *if you’re a cardmember and don’t know your status check your account and it will tell you!*
  4. Start with the items you REALLY want and put them in your cart and buy them quickly. Then, start a new cart with the rest. YOU WILL LOSE THINGS WHILE BROWSING IF YOU TAKE TOO LONG!
  5. Come back to my post when you’re ready to shop to make sure you’ve gotten all the good stuff 🙂 
*DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT A FASHION BLOGGER lol. I think my outfits are cute, obvi or I wouldn’t wear them, but my no means do I ever claim to have good fashion sense. As you’ll see, I didn’t post many outfit items for the sale. However, I do want to share the products and things I love. 


The sales on big ticket baby items are UNREAL. I already have majority of this stuff and we LOVE it.
  • We got the Uppababy V2 Vista  back in March before Rayna was born, from Nordstrom. We plan on having more than one baby so this strollers versatility to carry 3 kids was definitely a seller for us! We loved the bassinet and used it for her to sleep in downstairs and to do our walks around the block for the first 3 months. 
  • I do not have the nuna RAVA Car Seat yet, but I do plan on snagging two of them during the sale! They are expensive, but she will be in it for YEARS.
  • I did not use the nuna MIXX Stroller but I’ve heard great things and it is also on a great deal! 
  • I am OBSESSED with our nuna PIPA Lite LX + 2 bases ! It is the car seat we brought Rayna home in and the one we’re still using! It is SO LIGHT, so soft for our sweet girl, and I LOVE the shade that comes down for protection from the sun. It is also super easy to put on the baby Vista with a simple attachment.
  • We have the Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair and are obsessed! She’s still in the newborn seat attachment but we love that its table height and she’ll be able to use it into her toddler years! 
  • We do not plan on getting the Maxi-Cosi Convertible Carseat but I’ve heard great things! 
  • It may be early to think about the holidays, but these Pink Uggs are the cutest! I can’t wait till Rayna can walk! 
  • This jacket is a steal if you live in the cold! Girls North Face Jacket
  • We plan on introducing solids to Rayna within this next month (4 months) so I am going to get two or three of these ezpz Food Set.


  • This PJ set is sooooo soft and cozy! I have a few colors.
  • I’m getting this Kate Spade necklace in an “R” for Rayna! 
  • I’m loving these Adidas sneakers and def plan on getting myself a pair! 
  • 3/4 of my car is lounge wear for sure. I can’t wait to get these tie-dye sweatpants to hang in.
*These are just a few of the clothes I’m getting. I’m not going to list all the clothing items I’m getting, as it is mostly comfy/hangout clothes.*


  • Olexplex Bond Set is my favorite conditioning treatment and this set also comes with the shampoo and conditioner
  • This Mario Badescu Set I’ve used since high school and love! 
  • Too Faced Duo Includes the BEST mascara, Better Than Sex
  • OUAI Leave in Conditioner I got this spray in a FabFitFun box and I LOVE it! I just ran out and am so sad, but I will be getting it during the sale.
  • Fresh Face Wash Is another product I got in my FFF box and loved, that I need to reup on. 
  • Jack Black Lotion Is my husbands FAVORITE lotion and line. I buy the products for him for his birthday and holidays!
  • Living Proof Set This is the shampoo, conditioner, and styling cream I use and love!
  • Black Opium YSL My parents just got me this perfume last Christmas and I love how it smells! It’s a romantic scent! 


  • These Washcloths and Hand Towels match my bathroom perfectly and we are definitely in need of some new towels. 
  • This Barefoot Dreams Blanket is literally the BEST blanket. I snagged one (3) last sale and gifted them to my mom and sister, too. I would buy 20 of these for myself if I could and have one in every corner of my freezing house.
  • This Travel Diffuser is so pretty! I’m a big essential oils fan and love my travel one!
  • We have this Marble and Wood cutting board that we got as a gift for our engagement and people comment on it all the time! We love it! 
  • Lastly, if you want to be like all the cool kids, make sure to grab your Hydroflask.

I hope this list helped you a bit and that you snag some awesome pieces! 

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