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Hey ya’ll! Sorry I have been MIA lately. If you didn’t already know, I am a teacher down in South Florida, so the end of May/beginning of June is a whirlwind for me. There are so many checklists on top of everything else, it gets pretty crazy! I’ve officially been out of school two weeks now, but spent last weekend out of town surprising my bff for her bridal shower and spending some time with my in-laws. Since Monday I have been doing laundry, organizing, and making my own lists for my house.

The first thing I had to get done was to transform my guest bedroom from a place where we store our wedding registry to one where guests feel at home. I also want guests to use our guest bathroom and feel like they are at home. Below I have complied my list of things every guest bathroom should include! This list does not include decor and decorating suggestions – just the necessities!


We spent 8 months renovating our house and we were able to turn every piece of our home into exactly what we wanted. This may have been one of my favorite rooms!
We still need some wallpaper or something on the wall (open to suggestions *hint hint*) but I LOVE the navy cabinets!
Close up of the designs on the bathroom set! All from HomeGoods. I also love the little seashell soap 🧼



Body wash

Face wash

I always leave something in the shower for the guests, but enough room for them to put their own things!











Top left: bottom drawer // bottom left: middle drawer // right: close up of the middle drawer products

When I stay at someone’s house I hate to ask for things, as I’m sure most of us do. That is why I was on a mission to create a homey guest bathroom and bedroom for our guests this summer! Should anything run out, there are extras available on hand! It is also a great way to store and use products you may have that you don’t use anymore or that you have extra of!

The top (my favorite) drawer of the cabinet! Anything you could think of is right there!

Those organization containers I got on an awesome deal at HomeGoods – $14.99 for a set of 10! Much better price than Target!

towels – body and hand

One side has my guests shower towels and hand towels. I leave some out when the guest gets there. Then, on the bottom is more towels for the pool or anything else they may need one for!

I hope this list helps you create your dream space for your guests!

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